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Free Istikhara Online is much popular among peoples in Pakistan and abroad. We understand your problems carefully and always try to solve your problems. We never use our services to harm and destroy other persons life. We always use our istikhara services to make people’s life peaceful. Whereas Western astrology places importance on the Sun, Vedic astrology places more importance on the Moon. Vedic astrology uses 27 distant stars (called "Nakshatras") in the horoscope. The Sun refers to our individual nature, not our desire to partner. Thus relationship compatibility must revolve around the moon, the planet of nurturing, vulnerability and receptivity. Vedic relationship astrology focuses mainly on the moons of the couple. Assessing the moons will reveal the flow of emotional energy and the quality of love flowing in the partnership. The moon is the planet of trust and comfort. It is related to our childhood, that time in life we are we were vulnerable. Based on this vulnerability we developed strengths, insecurities and complexes based on receiving things that felt good or bad. Throughout our life these strengths and weaknesses become modified, gently filtering our perceptions and attracting the experiences we feel ready to and worthy of receiving. We carry this fragile emotional psychology into our relationships. This is why when a person has a difficult childhood, they will repeat those difficulties in their relationships. It is because the Moon is what we are comfortable with, what is familiar to us. If turmoil is comfortable to us, that is what we seek in relationships. Astrologically, these emotional habits are shown by the Moon. Istikhara For Marriage And Vedic astrology uses 27 lunar signs as mentioned above. These 27 signs focus the subtle, refined emotional nature of each person with much more precision than 12 Western Sun signs. Yet within this increased precision there is even more refinement. For most normal human beings, marriage is a sacred institution. It means the union of two hearts, minds, bodies, and souls. It is often said that “marriages are made in heaven”. Well, could be very much true. But for all practical purposes, it is essential to find the right match for a man or a woman. Astrology can help do just that. Astrology plays a big part in finding the right matrimonial alliance.

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